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  • Gilles Adam (DREAL-NA, France) - Supporting diadromous species populations in the Adour-Garonne basin: a variety of objectives and tools
  • Karin Limburg (SUNY-ESF, USA) - East, West, Home is (Not) Best: History of American Shad stocking in the U.S.
  • Élodie Boussinet (UCB, Germany) - Development of population monitoring methods for the reintroduced Allis shad (Alosa alosa ) in the Rhine system
  • Joacim Naslund (SLU-Aqua, Sweden) - Rearing more wild-like fish for stocking – does it work?
  • Laurent Beaulaton (OFB, Pôle MIAME, France) - 182 years of eel restocking: history and state of art
  • Hermione Froehlicher (INRAE, France) - The restocking of eels from an evolutionnary ecological perspective: a review
  • Éric Feunteun, Bastien Bourillon and collaborators (MNHN Dinard / INRAE Rennes, France) - Restocking Anguilla anguilla in the Loire River, from glass eels to silver eels
  • Marie-Laure Acolas, Joern Gessner, Eric Rochard and collaborators (INRAE, France & IGB Berlin, Germany) - Lessons from Acipenser sturio and A. oxyrinchus restoration programs
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