Bannière DiadES (seul)

Presentations made in the framework of the DiadES project

  • Bénédicte Valadou (OFB, France) - National Action Plan for Diadromous Species - PNMA France
  • Estibaliz Diaz (AZTI, Spain) - SUDOANG: towards a sustainable and concerted eel stock management
  • Carolina Alonso (AZTI, Spain) - Overview of activities under the WP "Communication"
  • Arantza Murillas (AZTI, Spain) - Overview of activities under the WP "Ecosystem services valuation"
  • Patrick Lambert (INRAE, France) - Overview of activities under the WP "Development of new species distribution models"
  • William Roche (IFI, Ireland) - Overview of activities under the WP "Biological and ecosystem services data collection and case studies

En cours de validation

  • Florence Mounier (ThinkR, France) et Patrick Lambert (INRAE, France) - Altas main features with presentation of related Atlases (e.g. SudoAng)
  • Margaux Herschel (INRAE, France) - DiadESland : why are we playing instead of working?
  • Arantza Murillas (AZTI, Spain) - Listing and monetary valuation of ecosystem services associated with diadromous species in the 9 case studies
  • Guillem Chust (AZTI, Spain) - The challenge to anticipate the future of fish communities in a warmer ocean
  • Karin Limburg (SUNY-ESF, USA) - Methods to track diadromy
  • Françoise Daverat (INRAE, France) - Shads metapopulations: insights from microchemistry
  • Ana Filipa Belo (MARE-University of Évora, Portugal) - Hybridization across the Atlantic Area
  • Naiara Rodriguez (AZTI, Spain) et Phil Davison (CEFAS, UK) - Using environmental DNA (eDNA) detection to monitor diadromous species in rivers and estuaries

Presentations made in the framework of projects related to DiadES

  • Camille Poulet (INRAE, France) - Quantification of land-sea nutrient fluxes supplied by allis shad across the species’ range
  • Alan Walker et Andy Moore (CEFAS, UK) - The potential contribution of small coastal streams to the conservation of declining and threatened diadromous fishes, especially the European eel
  • Tea Basic et Andy Moore (CEFAS, UK) - Spawning migration of smelt Osmerus eperlanus in the river Wyre, U.K.
  • Gaspard Dubost (Pôle MIAME, France) - Diadromous species at sea distribution and the role of MPAs
  • Tara Gallagher (IFI, Ireland) - Investigating the spawning behaviour of Twaite Shad (Alosa fallax ) on a navigation river in the south-east of Ireland
  • Catarina Mateus (MARE-University of Évora, Portugal) - Mondego case study - overview
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