Bénédicte Valadou

Project manager "Overseas and diadromous species"

OFB, France

Bénédicte Valadou works for the OFB since 2007. She leads and contributes to the support of the OFB to institutional actors for the elaboration, animation, follow-up and implementation of strategies and policies in favor of diadromous species in Metropolitan France and Overseas. The objective is above all to consolidate the coherence of these policies and strategies at the national level, and articulate biodiversity policies with sectoral policies. Bénédicte Valadou is involved in the work of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO).

Her presentation will focus on the development of a national action plan for diadromous species (PNMA), entrusted to the OFB by the Ministry in charge of Ecological Transition (MTE) and Ministry in charge of Food (MAA). The species considered are the diadromous species and macro-crustaceans present in Metropolitan France and overseas departments/regions. The presentation will review the objectives of this plan, the key steps as well as the main actions included in this plan.

Talk: National Action Plan for Diadromous Species - PNMA France