Estibaliz Diaz

Head of Sustainable Fisheries Management for ICES species

AZTI (Spain)

Principal researcher at AZTI  where she has been working since 2004, participating in several EU projects related to fisheries and marine species management. During her years at AZTI-BRTA she has specialised in the assessment and management of European eel.

She is the scientific advisor to the Basque and Spanish Government on eel-related issues. She is the Spanish representative for eel in the ICES/EIFAC/GFCM Eel Working Group. Between 2018-2021 she has been the coordinator of the INTERREG-SUDOE SUDOANG project which aims to promote sustainable and concerted eel stock management 

Her presentation will be on the lessons learnt from this project on the management of European eel.

Talk: SUDOANG: towards a sustainable and concerned eel stock management