Joacim Naslund


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU Aqua, Drottningholm, Sweden)

Joacim Näslund is a researcher at the Institute of Freshwater Research, Drottningholm (Sweden) which belongs to the Department of Aquatic Resources at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He is a fish biologist with experience in a wide range of subjects within the field, from experimental studies of behaviour and physiology to management of freshwater ecosystems. Current research activities mainly relate to status assessment, management and restoration of Swedish rivers, with special attention to the fish populations. His talk will explore whether it is possible to produce more ‘wild-like’ fish for stocking in hatcheries, by means of modifications of the rearing environment and fish training procedures. The talk will draw information from a recent extensive literature review as well as experimental studies on Atlantic salmon. The talk will also identify the missing pieces of information within this field, which can guide future research efforts.

Talk: Rearing more wild-like fish for stocking – does it work?