Laurent Beaulaton

Diadromous fish project manager

OFB-INRAE-Institut Agro-UPPA center for the management of diadromous species in their environment

Laurent Beaulaton is the head of the R&D unit "Management of Diadromous Fish in their Environment" (OFB-INRAE-Institut Agro-UPPA), France. He has studied fish population dynamics and conservation status of diadromous fish since the 2000s for improving the management of these species. He was involved in French and international expertise on these species, particularly those from ICES on European eel since mid-2000s.

His talks will give a comprehensive view of eel restocking from both historic perspective and current pratice. The current knowledge on this management measure will be presented.

Talk: 182 years of eel restocking: history and state of art